CHemistry and Science of Polymers and Composites

Specific mission

ChaMP research group is composted of qualified researchers specialized in materials chemistry and materials science, with particular focus on polymeric materials, nanocomposites and organic/inorganic hybrids. The group deals with the design, research and development of these materials, to obtain innovative solutions in various industrial applications. Among these, the main focus is materials for energy conversion applications (low-temperature heat exchangers, thermochemical energy storage), sustainable structural materials (valorization of natural fibers and polymers of natural origin, recycling and upcycling of end-of-life materials and process waste, reprocessable cross-linked polymers), flame retardant materials (railway and naval transport sectors, buildings) and functional coatings (gas barrier, flame protection).

Main Research topics

  • Reactive melt processing of polymers
  • Sustainable preparation of dynamically cross-linked polymer systems
  • Recycling and upcycling of end-of-life polymeric materials
  • Thermally conductive nanocomposites for heat spreaders and heat exchangers
  • Polymer nanocomposites processing methods: preparation from solution, mixing from the melt, extrusion polymerization
  • Water-based coatings on polymer substrates (polymer films, fabrics, open cell foams), mainly for flame retardancy and gas barrier
  • Valorization of cellulosic fractions for the preparation of functional materials with controlled density, characterized by improved reaction to fire and thermal insulation
  • Valorization of process waste from the tanning industry for the development of sustainable materials and coatings

Main Partnerships

  • Prof. Enrico Dalcanale, Università di Parma (I)
  • Prof.ssa Orietta Monticelli, Università di Genova (I)
  • Prof.ssa Veronica Ambrogi Università di Napoli (I)
  • Prof. Alejandro Mueller, University of the Basque Country (E)
  • Prof.ssa Giada Lo Re, Chalmers University of Technology (SE)
  • Prof. Guoming Liu, Institute of Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
  • Proff. Jean-Fracois Gerard and Sebastien Pruvost, INSA Lyon (F)
  • Dr. Julio Gomez, Avanzare (E)
  • Prof. Rongjie Yang, National Engineering research Centre of Flame Retardant Materials, Beijing Institute of technology (China)
  • Prof.ssa Marina Scarpa, Prof. Paolo Bettotti, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Trento (I)
  • Dr.ssa Rachele Castaldo, Dr. Gennaro Gentile, CNR, Istituto per i polimeri compositi e biomateriali (I)
  • Prof. Bernard Schartel, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung (BAM) (DE)
  • Prof.ssa Baljinder Kandola, Institute for Materials Research & Innovation (IMRI), University of Bolton (UK)
  • Prof. Jaime Grunlan, Department of Mechanical Engineering | Texas A&M University (USA)
  • Prof. Lars Wagberg, Division of fibre technology, KTH royal institute of technology (SE)
  • Prof. Lars Berglund, Prof. Yuan Yuan Li, Division of biocomposites, KTH royal institute of technology (SE)
  • Dr.ssa Guadalupe Sanchez Olivares, CIATEC A.C. (MX)

Projects and publications

Reference laboratories

Researchers (RTDA) PhD, Post-docs and Grant researchers