Porous silicon synthesis Laboratory

The Porous Silicon lab is equipped for developing biosensors for both medical (tumor markers) and food (additives, contaminants) applications and for preparing agri-food samples for spectroscopic analysis. Equipped with centrifuges, water purification systems, and fume hoods, in the lab porous nanomaterials are synthesized and the growth of SERS-active metal nanostructures is optimized for biosensors and microfluidic devices for on-site analysis. Other activities focus on synthesizing Quantum Dots (QDs) and mesoporous materials using sol-gel and wet-chemistry methods. Current projects involve copper-based QDs for solar fuels and chemical production, and doped titania for water remediation.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN04-XP01-A012 - first floor
Dimension 35 mq
  • Chemical hood for samples synthesis/preparation
  • Chemical hood for samples preparation porous silicon
  • Stove with temperature ramp (ENCO)
  • Muffle 3-550 for high temperature treatments (Ney Vulcan)
  • Freezer for cold treatments (-60 ° C, Tenak)
  • galvanostat (Keithley)