Anaerobic Fermentation Laboratory (FERMAN)

The FERMAN research laboratory is aimed at developing innovative processes in the energy, food, and environmental sectors, through green extraction techniques and biotechnological skills, with a view to a circular economy. Specifically, the pursued research lines focus mainly on:
Methods and strategies for reducing/valorizing CO2 through the use of biological catalysts (bacteria or enzymes).
Production of bioplastics and extraction of high-value molecules from agro-food waste streams.
Production of microalgal biomass rich in proteins composed of essential amino acids.
Production of volatile fatty acids, bioH2, and biogas through anaerobic fermentation.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: TO_CEN04 XP02 A040
Dimension 42 mq
  • Laboratory refrigerator -2 °C / 8 °C
  • Laboratory freezer at -20 ° C
  • Incubators with shaker and controlled Temperature (25 °C- 80°C)
  • Chemical hood
  • Laminar flow cabinet (microbiological hood)
  • Heating plates and stirrers, pHmeter and high-precision balance
  • Jasco 730 UV-VIS spectrophotometer with stirring and T control
  • Microcentrifuge
  • HEL bioreactor for pressure fermentations up to 10bar
  • AMAR ACL-2L-4015-00 bioreactor for pressure fermentation up to 5bar
  • Laboratory autoclave