Metrology for Process Engineering

Specific mission

Process Engineering uses modelling, measurement and control to exploit chemical and biochemical processes. Each of them is a source of uncertainty that contribute to the uncertainty of the performance of processes. Scaling up processes from laboratory scale, requires not only understanding the behaviour of a system but its metrological requirements. Metrological analysis ensure the system yields keep the expected reproducibility, stability and accuracy at any scale.

The group of Metrology for Process Engineering focuses mainly on the analysis and design of chemical and biological equipment and measurement systems to improve the performance of processes. It focuses as well on the characterization of construction and building materials and furniture materials. We collaborate with National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) in Europe in the preparation of reference standard materials and procedures for different applications.

The group takes part in the preparation of standard procedures for technical analysis in Export Compliance (EC) and provides external consulting services for industries and external parties involved in exporting activities.

Main research topics

  • Development of sampling devices for quantification of biomarkers of lung diseases in breath.
  • Analysis of sampling systems in gas metrology devices, to quantify the uncertainty due to interactions between reactive gases and commercial materials.
  • Design of a generation device to produce reference gas mixture of reactive gases in different matrices.
  • Design of photobioreactor for micro-algae biomass production and the application in buildings.
  • Development of sampling methods for PCR analysis for viral load detection in human exhaled breath.

ERC KEYWORD: Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metrology and Measurement, Characterization methods of materials.
FREE KEYWORDS: Measurement Science, Uncertainty quantification, Export compliance,

Main partnerships

  • Gruppo Metrologia delle Bioscienze, INRIM
  • EIFEC European Institute for Export Compliance 
  • Chemistry Group VSL – Nederlands Metrologisch Instituut
  • BAM - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung
  • ZAG Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute

Projects and publications

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