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We prepare and characterize "custom" glasses, glass-ceramics and their composites, in the form of bulk-, joining-, coating-, porous-, thin films- and fiber-materials. We develop and test custom joints, new joining technologies, joints for extreme applications and energy production (aerospace, automotive, SOFC and nuclear applications); protective coatings and sealant materials; bioactive glasses, glass-ceramics and composites, as coatings or bulk or porous materials; new surface treatments to enhance bioactivity and bioactivity of metallic materials; anti-fouling and/or antibacterial surfaces; we synthesize  new glasses and crystalline materials,, thin films, 2D materials(graphene, MoS2,…), graphene based composites, specialty optical fibers and devices for photonics; recycling of vitrified and not vitrified wastes; surface treatments and alternative materials for wear applications (cutting tools, prostheses); graphene containing metal matrix composites.  A wide range of characterization techniques are available, together with the necessary expertise to discuss results and to propose solutions. Problem solving applied to materials is currently provided to companies and SMEs. Custom hands-on training and short courses are available: subjects are directly agreed with companies, research centers and SMEs.

Main targets

  • Development of a new joining technology based on surface engineering of CMC (increase of the joint strength of a factor of 2)
  • Design and processing of glass-ceramic based sealants (operation temperature 750°C - 850 °C, electrical resistivity >104 and MnCo spinel -based protective coatings on metallic interconnects in solid oxide cells stacks applications (Area Specific Resistance after 5000 hrs lower than 100 mΩ cm2)
  • Development of a smart Fibre Reinforced Polymer with new and cost-effective glass based chemical sensors embedded (at least two chemicals, pre-prototype size  >= 10x10x5 cm3)
  • Development and characterization of superparamagnetic iron-oxide naoparticles (SPIONs) with surface modifications prone to the industrial scale transfer, such as inorganic shells, decoration with plasmonic nanoparticles, and/or functionalization with drugs or biomolecules, for the realization of nanovectors with high versatility for biomedical applications.
  • Development of at least two optical fibres in bioresorbable materials and demonstration for Biophotonics applications, e.g. drug release and photosensitization.
  • Design and fabrication of multimaterial and multifunctional optical fibres: one example of phosphate glass-metal composite fibres; at least one polarization maintaining optical fibre using extrusion for preform fabrication.
  • Development of surface functionalization treatments for implant biomaterials with high therapeutic value (high tissue integration, antibacterial action, anti-inflammatory action) and high superficial mechanical properties through techniques with low cost and low environmental impact (use of waste materials coming from other value chain).
  • Development of multifunctional porous bioceramics exhibiting, for example, high bioactivity and magnetic properties for advanced biomedical applications.
  • Development of protective coatings for thermoelectrics material for operating temperature higher than 500°C.
  • With reference to the project  Luoyang Luoyang  Sino Italian Science and Technology Park ( Joint Laboratory )  and the project Sino Italian Smart City Joint laboratories and Sino Italian Smart Industry Incubator & Accelerator, will be carried out research activity, technology transfer and fomration with Chinese Partner Universities and companies in the field of smart cities aimed at the development of materials and technologies for energy saving and security and for the construction of building information Model by using new sensors.

Main research topics

  1. Joining technology for metals, glasses, ceramics and composites
  2. Shear strength tests for joined components
  3. Coating of advanced ceramics and composites
  4. Glass-ceramic based sealants for solid oxide cells and sodium-based batteries
  5. Protective coatings for metallic interconnects in solid oxide cells applications
  6. Vitrification and/or reuse of industrial waste and MSWI ash
  7. Synthesis and surface functionalization of glasses for biomedical applications,
  8. Bioactive glasses doped with ions with antibacterial functionalities and/or therapeutic ability
  9. Ferrimagnetic materials and superparamagnetic nanoparticles for the treatment of tumors and theranostics
  10. Porous ceramics and composites for biomedical implants
  11. Bioactive glasses for tissue engineering
  12. Metals and surface treatments for biomedical applications
  13. Characterization of Shape memory alloys
  14. Glasses for photonics
  15. Specialty optical fibers, multimaterial fibers, and waveguides for optical devices (laser, amplifiers, light sources) and biomedical applications
  16. Fabrication and characterization of magneto optical glass and glass devices for magneto optical sensing applications
  17. Fabrication and characterization of new materials for lithium air battery
  18. Fabrication and characterization of magneto optical glass for magneto optical sensing
  19. Optical sensing in Building Information Model for smart cities

Academical Spin-off

Qiuping Chen Socio co-fondatore Spinoff del Politecnico Luoyang  Sino Italian Science and Technology Park (Joint Laboratory)

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