Specific mission

The research activities of the ALL-polymer-group are focused on different aspects of polymer engineering, including the design and formulation of new compounds based on thermoplastic matrices (also biopolymers or recycled polymers) suitable for specific applications, the investigation of structure-property-processing relationships in polymers, polymer blends and polymer composite systems and the overall rheological, physico-chemical, thermal, mechanical and fire characterization of polymer-based systems (bulk materials, thin films, foams, and fabrics).

Main research Topics

ALL-POLYMER GROUP is developing the following research topics:

  • Polymer processing: research activities in this topic include the evaluation of the effects of different processing techniques on the final properties of the formulated materials, the optimization of the processing conditions (also with the utilization of simulation software for injection molding and compounding), the setup of processing-rheology relationships, the design of polymer-based materials suitable for specific processing operations (such as film blowing or 3D-printing).
  • Development of polymer-based systems and investigation on the structure-property relationships: this research activity concerns the design, preparation, and characterization of polymer blends and composite materials containing micro- or nano-fillers (such as talc, silica, calcium carbonate, nanoclays, graphene and graphene-like materials).
  • Surface and bulk flame retardant treatments performed on different polymeric substrates (films, foams and fabrics): different additives and flame retardants, also including bio-sourced products are designed, applied, and assessed. (Nano)particle absorption, sol-gel methods and layer by layer depositions are exploited and the fire performance is thoroughly evaluated by means of flammability (UL94 and LOI) and forced combustion (cone calorimetry) tests.
  • Design, preparation and characterization of UV- and UV-LED curable coatings: multifunctional coatings showing enhanced thermo-mechanical, flame retardant, electrical and barrier properties are investigated. This research topic also includes the formulation of recipes suitable for Stereolithography and the overall characterization of their performances.
  • Development of sustainable polymer-based materials: studies in this topic concern the design, preparation, and characterization of polymer systems based on bio-derived and/or bio-degradable polymers (also suitable for applications at industrial level), formulation of biopolymer-based blends, design of composite systems containing fillers derived from industrial and agro-industrial wastes, utilization of polymers recovered from recycling processes and up-cycling strategies.

Main partnerships

  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain;
  • National Engineering Research Center of Flame Retardant Materials, School of Materials, Beijing Institute of Technology P.R.China;
  • Centre Català del Plàstic (CCP) - Unversitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (EEBE-UPC);
  • Università di Genova;
  • Università di Sassari;
  • Università di Bergamo;
  • Università di Parma;
  • Università di Bologna;
  • CNR-IPCB Portici;
  • CNR-ISMAC Milano;
  • CNR-STEMS Torino;
  • ENEA Centro ricerche Casaccia
  • Consorzio Proplast
  • Michelin Italia

Projects and publications

Reference laboratories