SAfeR – Safety, Reliability and Risks Centre

Specific mission

From the analysis of the industrial processes, involved or not in accidental events, the mission of the group is to develop methodologies and tools able to grant a reliable assessment of the safety level of a production process and the related equipment for the optimization of their design and operational management.

Main research topics

  1. Analysis of industrial accidents and occupational accidents to acquire lessons and data to be shared for prevention purposes. Advanced methodologies for the analysis of occupational accidents.
  2. Innovative methodologies for risk analysis: Methodologies for time dependent risk analysis. Modelling of human and organizational factors. Risk-based process and control design and optimization

Main partnerships

  • DIATI(Prof. Mario Patrucco),
  • INAIL and FCA for the advanced analysis of occupational accidents
  • Dublin Institute of Technology & CNH, for the analysis of the human and organizational factors
  • D’Appolonia for the dynamic risk analysis methodologies

Projects and publications

Researchers (RTDA) PhD, Post-docs and Grant researchers